CXB3590 X6 LED Grow light

ID: CXB3590 X6

Description: The new style professinal COB LED grow light CXB3590-X6 is used for greenhouse tomato money plant all stage growth with full Spectrum 380nm~780nm,best close to natural light, replace the 1000W HPS. The LED is made by CREE CXB3590, each LED chips can reach

Dimmable CREE CXB3590 600W 72000LM COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Replace HPS 1000W Growing Lamp Indoor Plant Growth Lighting



Why Choose CF GROW®

CF Grow has devoted to develop, produce and sale led grow lights for 7 years. We are the leader of led grow lights, the UFO and other RED&BLUE grow light are also developed by us. CXB3590 grow lights are our latest products. And our team is developing more High-end new led grow lights. We hope offer you better and better products and best service.



The new style professinal COB LED grow light CXB3590-X6 is used for greenhouse tomato money plant all stage growth with full Spectrum 380nm~780nm,best close to natural light, replace the 1000W HPS. The LED is made by CREE CXB3590, each LED chips can reach 100W power. Cree CXB3590 LED Chips are not only extremely powerful but they produce the best Spectrum for your indoor plants. It takes the high light intensity of HPS bulbs and combines it with a high PAR output similar to Red&Blue LED grow lights. Get the best of both lights.

The LED driver is made by MEANWELL, high quality to make sure more stabel voltage and longer life of the COB LED chips. We make the actual draw power 530W, confirm the COB LED light longer life. There are more COB LED grow lights CXB3590 100W 200W 600W in our store, suitable for all kinds of need.



1.Model No.: CXB3590-X6

2.Case color: White/Black

3.LED (Qty): 6pcs *100W CXB3590

4.Wavelength: Full Spectrum 380nm~780nm

5.Actual draw Power: 500~530W

6.Color Temperature: 3500K(if need other color, please leave us message)

7.Input Voltage: 120Vac/240VAC

8.Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

9.COB Led Brand: by CREE LED

10.Current: 16.7A

11.Out voltage: 36VDC

12.Flux Lm: 72000lm

13.Lifetime: 50000hrs

14.N.W: 15.5KG(G.W:18KG)

15.Product Size: 550*550*100mm

16.Package Size: 630*630*200mm


Application:Suit for vegetable, flower, Moeny tree, herbal plants etc. And suit for all the growing stage. Products can work continually


Application: Suit for vegetable, flower, herbal plants etc. And suit for all the growing stage. Products can work continually

Caution: Not waterproof, don’t get wet in the rain or in the water.  


Growing Tips:

1.Temperature :26.7~30 ,CO2 enrichment :1500ppm, potential

2. The working environment for the light is -20~40 degree celsius,45%RH~90%RH.

3. Potential hydrogen (PH) : 5.5~6.3(soil), 6.0~6.5(wood)

4. Don't touch or move when the light working.

5. Don't block the air inlet and outlet, keep air convection, Don't look at the CF Grow lights directly while it's on

6. Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the plants, so the lamp should not be hung too high. At same time, don't hang the light to plants too close, or it will damage plants. About 0.8~1.2 meters height is a good choice.   







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