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Ultra-Thin COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum BlackSun-S9 Lumens LED Grow Panel No-Fan Replace 1000W HPS Growing Lamp for Indoor Plant Vegetable Flower All-Stage Growth Lighting

【Reliable Real Full Spectrum COB LED】Our cob led grow light use world-famous LUMENS led chip from Korea, highest quality, same quality as CREE CXB3590 LED. It includes universal Blue Red IR UV and white light provide everything plant desire in the natural sunlight. The expensive IR UV led promote plants to defense mechanisms, blue and red led is essential light for plant growth. cree cob led grow light bulb plant growing lamp indoor grow light panel full spectrum plant light indoor plants.

【Completely Quiet Working Space】Our full spectrum led grow light are designed with a unique high and low slot cooling structure, and our led plant grow lights are coated with a black cooling coating, this structure and coating can quickly help the led grow light to dissipate heat, so it doesn't need a fan, and no noise, give you a completely quiet working space. Compare with other cob led grow light, it has smaller size and ultra-thin only 31.5mm.

【Multi-Protection, Longer Lifespan】Our COB led grow light are made of air aluminum case and and tempering glass cover, anti-rust, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and comes with hanging hooks and adjustable wires, hang the led grow light from plants about 0.8~1.2 meters high is a good choice, convenient to use, up to 100,000hrs lifetime, no maintenance cost, no need professional installation, it can be used with your other grow light lamp together.

【Replace Traditional Grow Lamp, Save More Energy】This 9 COBs LED grow light can replace traditional 1000 watt HPS/MH grow lamp while consuming only 270 watts!, It has 43500flux lm, 58000lux and 1160umol/s/m2 @12", providing more useful light to help plants grow faster and also the most suitable light spectrum needed for plants sprout and growth in all stages they desire in the natural sunlight.

【QUALITY ASSURANCE】We are a professional LED plant grow light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 24-hour professional service center, 30 days full refund, 3 years warranty and 365 days technical support. If you have any questions and are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us.


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BlackSun Series grow light is our newest designed :
A: High-Tech cooling coating, and a temperature monitoring, make sure the light a long lifetime.
B: No cooling fans, give you a deadly quite working space.
C: LUMENS LED Chip from Korea, highest quality. Same quality as Cree CXB3590 LED.
D: Ultra-thin only 31.5mm and very light, compare to other grow light.
E: Aluminum Case, Anti-rust, comes with hanging hooks and adjustable wires
F: Black Case and tempering glass cover. Very cool and fashion, 99% light transmittance, and dustproof for the LED COB.

1.Model No.: BlackSun-S4/S6/S9
2.Power: 360W(S4), 540W(S6), 810W(S9)
2.Case color: Black
3.LED (Qty): S4 4pcs * 90W LUMENS Chip (wall draw power 120W)
S6 6pcs * 90W LUMENS Chip (wall draw power 180W)
S9 9pcs * 90W LUMENS Chip (wall draw power 270W)
4.Wavelength: Full Spectrum 380nm~780nm
5.Light Color: Warm White 3500K
6.Input Voltage: 120Vac or 230Vac
7.Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
8.COB Led Brand: LUMENS
9.Flux Lm:19400lm(S4), 29700lm(S6), 43500lm(S9)
10.Lifetime: 50000hrs
11.N.W: 3.08KG(S4), 4.1KG(S6), 6.5KG(S9)
12.Product Size: 307*301*31.5(S4), 450*307*31.5(S6), 460*450*31.5mm(S9)

Package List:
1 x BlackSun Grow Light
2 x Hanging Wires
1 x Power Cable

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